Wednesday 26 March 2014

The correct procedures are killing people

From the BBC this morning:

"The way a woman was assessed for benefits led to her suicide less than a month later, according to a mental health watchdog.

"The woman had a history of depression and was on significant medication, but scored zero points in a Work Capability Assessment (WCA), carried out by Atos.

"A Mental Welfare Commission report said it could see no other factor "in her decision to end her life".

"The Department for Work and Pensions said correct procedures were followed."

That 's the point, isn't it. The correct procedures are killing people. I wonder how this squares up with David Cameron's "moral mission".

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Unknown said...

In relation to the correct procedure is killing people, i truely agree with you on that, the system of benefits has a stereotypical view on depression due to reality t.v shows and 'benefits street', in my opinion 'big dee' is not depressed, she goes out, she sleeps okay and does generally seem happy whenever she was on camera, due to this people who are actually depressed are fighting people who claim to be depressed just to get benefits where they dont have to look for work.

I am currently on a sick benefit this is only because of my past and i am seeking intence theropy from an organisation that helps with historical stress, I went to the doctors stated this and all my doc said was your just one of the millions that ask for a sick note for depression, i thought how dare she, if i wasnt in the right state of mind i may not be here today, the atos system needs to be looked at again as i find it disgusting how people take their own lives due to the fact no help is given to them.