Tuesday 16 October 2012

End of an ordeal

Just this once, and probably not for very long, Theresa May, I love you. Conservative Home Secretary displeases America, and stands up forhuman rights and disabled people all in one go. Put that in your pipe, right wingers, and smoke it.

While I'm very glad to see that the UK Home Secretary's eyes have been opened to the idiocy of both the extradition treaty,and this particular exercising of it, I am very afraid that the Americans are still walking around with their eyes shut. I have said all along that, if I were in charge over there when the extent of McKinnon's hacking was revealed, I would have taken the first available plane from over there to over here in order to shake McKinnon by the hand and thank him for exposing the dangerous incompetence of the numpties in charge of the nation's security. (That would be the first plane after I had called all those responsible for leaving computers open without firewalls, passwords etc, into my office for a chewing out session that would have left the carpets ankle deep in blood.)

Instead of that, they're still saying the hacking was "intentional and calculated to influence and affect the US government by intimidation and coercion" – remember, he was after details of UFO sightings. It is deeply worrying that the country which still aspires to lead the world can behave in such a narrow minded and short sighted way, fuelled by vindictiveness rather than a rational assessment of their own interests, as well as everybody else's.