Tuesday 31 January 2023

Brexit has worked

 Everyone who is saying Brexit hasn't worked is wrong. It has worked. It did exactly what it was supposed to do.

It didn't do what they said it would do - of course it didn't. They were lying.

The aim of Brexit, what they were working towards for forty years and more, was to turn the UK into a plutocrats' playground.

The only reason that we haven't actually become that yet is that governments led by May, Johnson, Truss and Sunak have proved too incompetent, or possibly too pusillanimous, to follow through on the initial breakthrough which was to get Britain out of the EU.

(In my view, the involvement of Russian influence could be seen as coincidental. The Russian regime undoubtedly did its bit to secure Brexit and was delighted when it happened, but its influence was limited in the context of forty years of dedicated work by plutocrats and their enablers. In another sense, Russian involvement was not a coincidence because Russia re-emerged from the collapse of the USSR as a plutocratic state, and was therefore completely in tune with the Brexit plot.)

Getting us out of the EU was only one step in the plan. Once out we could much more easily be turned into a low wage, low security, high risk, high profit and toxically filthy countrywide freeport.

While we haven't got there, we're well on the way, more by luck than judgement. Behind the terminal dithering of the May-Johnson-Truss-Sunak axis, the plutocrats' aims are still in sight - removing our human rights, removing our right to protest, making voting more difficult, etc, etc.

And the argument about whether Brexit has "worked", or making Brexit "work" is nothing more than a massive shell game, which the Tories know and Labour have fallen for. Brexit was never meant to work for ordinary people, but Brexiters have to keep pretending that it was meant to until it's too late for us to do anything about the destruction of our rights and our democracy.

Luckily the British public is proving to have some common sense, and Brexit regret is beginning to take hold. There is now only one constituency in the country where a majority of voters still think Brexit was a good choice.

But common sense has to be turned into action, and we are now in a race. Either we move decisively towards the defence of our democracy and our rights, or we will have reached a point where so many of our rights have been dismantled that it won't matter any more. We have to fight and to keep fighting, now and into the foreseeable future. The battle will be long because the plutocrats will not give up; our determination has to be at least as long as theirs.