Friday 5 April 2013

I'm a proud product of the welfare state

I'm not sure who started this. There's a note on Facebook that says Fiona Goffe wrote something along these lines to Sonia Poulton. Anyway, here's my contribution.

I was born in an NHS hospital

My father was ill all his life, including while he was bringing me up, and was looked after throughout by the NHS

I was taught in state funded primary schools, and at a state funded university

I was on the dole once in my life and was helped through it by unemployment benefit, and then family credit. I rebuilt my career with the help of the welfare state, changed my profession and now I'm a high rate taxpayer

I like the fact that my taxes are helping to pay for other people to get through their difficulties, whether short or long term

I have been asthmatic all my life; I have received NHS treatment for it all my life

I still have all my own teeth, courtesy of tax funded dental care

I'm a product of the welfare state and I'm proud of that.

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