Sunday 12 April 2009

McBride, Brown, Cameron..... Oakley?

So David Cameron is furious with Gordon Brown and is demanding an apology from him. He should get one. McBride's cheap little scheme has no place in politics.

On the other hand, the Conservative PPC for Watford carried out a vicious and criminal campaign of vilification and intimidation against Liberal Democrat party members, deliberately and persistently sustained over three years before he was finally arrested, charged and convicted of those crimes. And we have not had one single word of apology from David Cameron. We are still waiting.

Gordon Brown should apologise to David Cameron. Not least because he can take the high ground.

Because David Cameron is a hypocrite.

Update: Eaten By Missionaries points out that David Cameron has apologised, albeit seven months late, and only when he had no alternative, having been put on the spot publicly in Watford. But, examining the record in the Watford Observer, what it says he says is "I am extremely sorry about what happened. Of course I regret what has happened. I think everyone on the Conservative Party regrets what has happened." That strikes me as a typically political choice of words. He's sorry "about" it, but he's not sorry "for" it. On the assumption that the Watford Observer is accurate, he still hasn't actually apologised.


Iain Sharpe said...

Your basic point is absolutely spot on.

I should just point out in the interests of accuracy that Cameron has at last apologised. I don't know how to post the link here, but I have linked to it on the latest posting on

I mention this simply to save you from an inaccuracy. An apology only issued several months late, after trying to wash their hands of the whole business and only made when cornered by a member of the public is better than no apology at all, but not much better.

Rob Parsons said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Iain. I shall be interested to see if anybody says he used different words.

Susan Gaszczak said...

But Cameron still has not investigated how all the trouble with Oakley came about. I think you are right to point out the similarities. BTW it took Cameron 150 days to say sorry.