Monday 4 August 2008

So it's KP

So it's Kevin Pietersen to captain England. Not the first South African we've had captain England. I hope he succeeds but I fear he won't. I have decided that if he does, I will eat my hat, and it will be a joyful duty to undertake.

However, if I am to take this commitment seriously, I must have some criteria to decide on whether he has in fact been successful. Two years seems a good time for an assessment, so I have until this time 2010 - or, just to get in a full season,let's say the end of September 2010.

But what constitutes success? Is it just in terms of winning tests? Should it be winning more than he loses? We would have to include one dayers as well, so what is the criterion there? Should I include among the criteria his own form - must he keep up his averagae of 50 in tests and 47 in ODIs?

I'd be grateful for help from my readers on this, so suggestions are welcome from anyone, and especially from James Schneider, and Jonny Wright.


Kate said...

I think the first thing we need to sort out is exactly which hat it is you are potentially going to eat. Do you have a chocolate one lurking or a tweed flat cap or what?

BTW on the other criteria, he has been appointed captain for all three types of match, so 20twenty is in there too!!

Rob Parsons said...

Rats, I forgot 20twenty. OK,so it's three forms of criteria, all adding up together to 100% - begins to sound like an OU TMA.

The hat will be in the shape of the floppy white one that Vaughan et al wear. But I expect it will be made of cake.

James Schneider said...


Success should be judged (and I only care about test match cricket so the 20/20 or ODIs are out of this equation) on whether, after two years, England have a stable, balanced 11 with a team spirit and knowledge of roles similar to our lucky Ashes win, which can compete with the best in the world. This does not mean we have to beat India, the Aussies, or South Africa, we merely have to be able to hold our own and play in great series.
As a batsmen KP should be easily able to average above 50, expecially with the dirth of world class bowling around (Hayden averages 58 for goodness sake). This should not be the sole criteria. To be successful, he needs to play a couple of captain's innings, not flash but effective. This will have a tremendous effect on the side but will also scare our opposition. Right now the South Africans know that if he bats for three sessions he'll take the game away from them but they will be confident of getting him out.

But, lets face it, he'll be no Mike Brearley.