Wednesday 11 June 2008

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, the Tories can't punctuate

Leaving aside the issue of the Conservative candidate for Henley working as a lobbyist for developers while claiming to protect the green belt, (hat tip to Alex and LibDem Voice) and leaving aside the smoke screen that the Tory party is trying to put around the issue (apparently it's dirty tricks to tell the truth about their candidate), they do seem to be unable to get their apostrophes in the right place.

Check out the wording on the back of the Tories' "Protect the green belt (with our developer lobbyist chum)" leaflet, helpfully reproduced here by the Guardian. "We, the undersigned.... reject the Liberal Democrat's proposals..." As any fule kno, that apostrophe, as it refers to a plural, should be after the "s". Back to school for the Conservative Henley campaign's proofreading department.

Update: and my deepest apologies to Pink Dog for not noticing the breaking news in canine form, hat tip, hat tip, hat tip.


Pink Dog said...

Oh, so a dog breaking the news first doesn't count? Grrr snarl woof woof.

Rob Parsons said...

Sorry, sorry - duly amended.