Sunday 23 December 2007

Waitrose, cheese and Christmas

In my cheese blog yesterday I did Waitrose a disservice. I didn't spot their deli counter, hidden from me by a minor swarm of connoisseurs.

Today I found it and got several varieties of cow cheese and three different varieties of sheep cheese, including a really nice Iskara. Well done, Waitrose.

I was quite lucky to find it today as the shop was a scrum. The staff I chatted to said that today was the day the shoppers decided to go berserk. It's been interesting over the last few years watching the game of creditfest chicken between shoppers and retailers, as shoppers leave it as late as possible, and retailers try to decide whether to discount *now* or wait another day or two. It was yesterday that shoppers lost their nerve in Oxford Street, and today in Waitrose....

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