Saturday 15 September 2007

Low Carbon Ringmer

Ringmer and Ouse Valley Liberal Democrats are launching Low Carbon Ringmer. The website for it is here. It tested my limited skills as a web designer to the, er, limit. I'm particularly limited on the back end, so I was pleased to discover that 1&1, the hosts, do a form builder with its own MySQL backing, and all I had to do was think of the questions. Formatting options are limited, but the colours blend quite well with the site colours. The price you pay is the appearance of a 1&1 advertising page when you send the form. I hope our users in Ringmer find that bearable.

In addition to the site, I hope to cultivate the idea of a web *presence* as opposed to just a web*site*. So I've created flickr, and pb-wiki accounts for LCR and will be doing my best to encourage the good citizens of Ringmer, or at least the wired portion of them, to participate as much as possible.

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