Thursday 9 August 2007

Attendance allowance

I'm checking up on attendance allowance as various relatives get more doddery, and I came across this little gem in additional information:

"If you receive Attendance Allowance, you can get a grant from the Warm Front scheme to help you with the costs of home insulation and other heating improvements.
More about the Warm Front Scheme (opens new window)"

Not quite what they meant....

Having said that, I'm at a stage where I've been before with Disability Living Allowance.

It gets paid at two rates, lower and higher, according to certain criteria. But, wherever I go, I cannot find out what those criteria are. I've visited a dozen different Directgov pages, but they all say there are two rates, without describing the criteria. It's probably because they don't want to confuse people with too much information, but it's very annoying.


Unknown said...

Doesn't DLA have 3 levels for care and 2 for mobility?

Rob Parsons said...

I don't think so - two levels one for either care or mobility and a higher one if you qualify under both criteria. At least it was the last time I was locked in a room with an appeal tribunal. That was quite nice actually, because it was clear from the outset that the DWP's presenting officer was not happy with the original decision and he gave me good cues as to what to concentrate on.