Saturday 14 June 2008

Viruses, web2.0, weight loss and a big behind

I've spent a portion of last week and this battling a virus downloaded onto a work machine by one of my colleagues who thought it was a good idea to have Limewire. Can't get rid of it, have to wipe the machine, not allowed to do it till they've taken off the stuff they want. It doesn't seem to have entered anyone's head that there's nothing they can do with it without risking infecting whatever machine they put it on. It's not going near any of mine.

A while ago my doctor told me I really had to lose weight now. So I've been dieting, a bit, and exercising, a bit. And I've lost a kilo or two. I've just started using Twitter, and decided it would be good to tweet my weight loss and exercise gain. I thought my doctor might follow me on Twitter and then I wouldn't have to take up surgery time. I showed it to her this week, and she wasn't a bit interested. I still have to go to the surgery. If anybody else would like to follow my endeavours and cheer me on my way down, I'm robparsons. That, by the way, is real proof that Twitter is still very new technology - my name hasn't already been nicked by one of the other robparsonses. There are a lot of us about.

So I went to the bank, and joined the queue for the cashier. As I came to a halt the very large man in front of me was just baring his buttock cheek to show his scar to the two very good looking women on his left. I took my phone out and pretended to get a shot. One of the women then started lowering her trousers to show off her scar. I could say I made my excuses and left. But I didn't. She was the mother of the other woman, it turned out, and the scar was where she'd had her kidney taken out to give it to her daughter. The daughter looked to be a really good health. Rather wish I had taken photos now.

It's been that kind of week.

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