Wednesday 8 February 2023

ICO, OFCOM, please do your jobs

 Dear ICO, dear Ofcom

I got a call today from a company saying my solar panels were overdue a service. We have solar panels so the call was almost plausible, but in the end they rang off.

I looked up the number the call came from. 02033760447 if you want to know. It's been looked up on Who Calls Me more than 300 times. If 300 people have bothered to look it up, how many thousands do you think have had calls from it?

It is very clearly being used for scam calls and has been reported and known about for months. Why have you not shut it down? 

We get calls like this over and over again. We look them up and the numbers have been checked and reported over and over again for months. Our privacy is being invaded over and over again by people who we know are scammers, yet you do nothing.


Frank Little said...

Perhaps if "Who rang from" and "Who calls me" and similar sites reach a certain threshold of complaints about a particular number, they could pass it on to the relevant Quango.

Rob Parsons said...

I have had similar thoughts, Frank, although I think there's less of a problem with them knowing about things than there is getting them to do something.