Monday 4 August 2008

The Dark Knight - possible spoiler alert

Just went to see The Dark Knight. I've never been a great fan of Batman films, but this one had me hooked. Lots of great moments, and a wonderful rumbly sound track. It was darker than those I've seen before - not sure how many or even which I've seen.

***possible spoilers below***

Heath Ledger - magnetic.

Christian Bale - got a bit fed up with him growling, especially when Aaron Eckhart started doing it too.

Aaron Eckhart - yes, OK. Didn't convince when turning bad/slightly insane. Neither did his make up, when it became relevant. It just looked like a parody of itself.

Maggie Ghyllenhaal - OK.

Michael Caine - very good, in an understated Caine-ish sort of way.

Curious but clearly thought through way of dealing with violence - lots of thumping, lots of shooting, lots of blowing up, but they only very, very rarely showed the results. I guess that's what kept its rating at 12a.

Lurking in there somewhere was a theme about whether you can become evil in order to combat evil, which Christopher Nolan kept in the frame enough to make a narrative out of a series of spectacular stunts. And in which he did a very professional job.

My rating - somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. A decent afternoon's entertainment.

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