Saturday 17 May 2008

Air drops to Burma?

The Economist this week advocates air drops to victims of the flooding in Burma - here's the twist, whether or not the junta agree to them.

I will quote the final paragraph of the editorial, which is the finest single paragraph of rhetorical writing I have seen in a while: "More storms are forecast for Myanmar. If thousands more people are to die in the coming weeks, let those who oppose any action now, however modest its effect, then explain why they favoured a policy of doing nothing. And let them try to describe the circumstances in which the new-found responsibility to protect might actually be invoked if it is not just to join the UN's scrapheap of dashed expectations, broken promises and dismal betrayals."

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Anonymous said...

So say we all...seriously I think that without workers on the ground aid drops will be of limited use but it's better than nothing...if the UN wants to be useful then now is the time.