Tuesday 5 February 2008

The rain gauge experiment

This is a further stage in my pursuit of scientific excellence, a course called S104: Exploring Science from the Open University.

The first experiment is making a rain gauge. Once again my intrepid assistants, Ruffles and Ollie, are on hand. I got two bottles of Waitrose sparkling water - the only bottles I could find with smooth straight sides.

I was just back from seeing Sweeney Todd when I started making the rain gauges, so Ruffles and Ollie stood well back.

The finished products. I'm rather proud of the centimetre gauge I created on my computer. I couldn't get it down to millimetres, but after the rain we've had today, I might not need millimetres.

The finished products in place. Having heard other people's experiences of bottles blown around the garden, I anchored mine with a shoe scraper and a variety of pot plants.

Ruffles and Ollie didn't want to get wet.

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