Thursday 13 December 2007

This is just cheap, Mr Brown

I mean our treatment of our Iraqi interpreters.

The Times runs the latest situation, calling it a breach of honour. Fair language in my opinion.

People put their lives and their families' lives in danger to help us. When it comes time to repay them, we weasel out of it. This is the conduct of empire. This is what we did to get India to fight for us in the First World War. "Fight for us now, and we'll use a form of words which will make you think we'll give you independence, but we'll weasel out of it when we don't need you any more."

It's cheap, it's mean. David Miliband is in danger of joining David Cameron in the box of politicians who have no moral compass.

More details at Dan Hardie's blog.

Lynne Featherstone highlights her Early Day Motion on the issue. My MP has signed it. Has yours?


Dan said...

Rob, that's great. If you'd like me to keep you up to date with the online campaign, please email me at and we can stay in touch.

Dan Hardie

Rob Parsons said...

Thanks, Dan. Email sent.