Thursday 23 August 2007

Another thing Opera can't do

I mean the web browser not the art form. Opera has been my favourite for several years, despite having a few little quirks. There are some sites it just doesn't like, and for those I use Firefox. (There are some sites that won't work in Firefox either, notably the Bank of Scotland's commercial account page which makes me spit every time I have to open Internet Explorer to use it. I have complained vociferously and have been told that their security is really, really, really good. And I tell them that I don't care about their security; they're making me keep open and active on my computer the least secure browser available. Why should I compromise my network's security just so that they can boast about theirs. But it falls on deaf ears. Rant over.)

Anyway Opera does strange things with the formatting of blog posts. When I'm writing them I find it sometimes forgets to wrap text, and the result remains unwrapped when published. I just found it doing it again when I was writing about habitus, so I switched to Firefox to see if it ironed out the problem, and it did, even though i cut and pasted the text.

I'll stick with Opera for my regular browsing though; there's something about it that just fits.

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